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Three Common Items Stockpiled in Homes Needing Professional Hoarding Cleanup in Exton, PA


If you’re working to restore a home previously or currently used as a hoarder’s space, you’re likely facing dangerous interior conditions. Hoarding behaviors are symptoms of complex mental health conditions. And while we understand much more about why people hoard objects, animals, and other items than we have ever known before, there is still quite a bit of variation from case to case. Some people who hoard have underlying conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or depression, while others have anxiety disorders or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In many cases, those who exhibit hoarding behaviors have a combination of mental health disorders and face other stressful life situations like low incomes or addictions. No matter what leads to hoarding symptoms, however, the stockpiling of objects often creates toxic, dangerous, and difficult-to-navigate indoor spaces. These conditions should almost always be handled by professionals with the right training and equipment. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides comprehensive hoarding cleanup for any type of hoarding situation in Exton, PA, and the surrounding area.

Trauma Cleaning

At ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration, our team of expert technicians and trauma cleaning specialists have state-of-the-art equipment, powerful cleaning solutions, full biohazard protection gear, and the skills needed for managing the inspection and cleanup of a hoarder space.

Hoarding Behaviors

We see many kinds of objects in homes that have been subjected to hoarding behaviors, but there are three categories we clean up most often. These items include:

  1. Animals: Cats, dogs, rodents, and even reptiles are all pets we have seen in spaces where animal hoarding behaviors have taken place. People who hoard animals often see themselves as caretakers of those pets, but in more cases than not, those owners cannot care for them properly, leading to illness, death, and other serious risks of biohazards.
  2. Trash: Another risk of biohazards comes from trash hoarding. Items with no real value such as newspapers, broken furniture, used food containers, and other garbage can hold space and compulsive value for people exhibiting hoarding behaviors, but they also seriously increase mold, bacteria, and parasite growth.
  3. Food: There are many unique conditions that can lead to food hoarding, often stemming from disorders around food insecurity, anxiety, and other issues. People who hoard food over time accumulate expired goods that attract rodents, insects, and mold. These conditions can create a literal compost heap indoors, deeply contaminating those inside spaces.

Hoarding Cleanup

There are many other objects we remove from homes during our hoarding cleanup processes, including books, shopping bags filled with unused items, recyclables, and even collectibles that may have once held value. No matter what conditions are present in a home exposed to hoarding behavior, we can help remediate the damage and return the space to safety.

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