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Hoarding Cleanup for Malvern, PA, Homes and Properties

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding homes play host to cleaning quandaries that even the most experienced housekeeper can find unmanageable. From towering piles to mildewing corners, these homes make it all too easy to get lost in a maze of items that have nowhere else to expand to. Professional hoarding cleanup with ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration handles every level of the cleaning process, and can help you and your loved ones rediscover the Malvern, PA, home that exists under the clutter.

Top-Level Hoarding Cleanup

 Top-level cleaning is the first line of defense against a hoarding home. Our team works to clear out the most dangerous, precarious, or obstructive items in order to allow safe entry into each area of the home. This tends to involve moving some of the largest collections of items to a safe, alternative location, or to a disposal site depending on their condition.

Mid-Level Hoarding Cleanup Support

 After the immediate dangers are removed, our team begins sorting items for disposal and ensuring that any remaining ones have been safely stowed. At this stage, floors and walls are more visible and accessible, and traditional cleaning techniques can be employed. While this step can be where nonprofessional cleaning ends, comprehensive hoarding cleanup often still needs additional sanitation and care that other cleaning jobs may not require.

Bottom-Level Deep Cleaning

 After the initial clean has been completed, the deep cleaning can begin. Once the clutter is dealt with, the stains, bacteria, mold, or other byproducts of the hoarding are handled. Our deep cleaning team comes equipped with the necessary tools for completely sanitizing your home and restoring it to a safe and habitable state.

Hoarding cleanup is a multistage process for good reason. Our team can help with top to bottom cleaning that leaves your Malvern, PA, home sanitized and safe for re-entry. Call ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration today at (610) 524-8003 or visit our website to find out more about our hoarding support services and beyond.