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Spending the Holidays With a Hoarder and How to Bring Up Hoarding Cleanup in Lansdale, PA

The holidays are supposed to be a fun time. A time when you feel happy and safe with family, friends, and the people around your community. But, if you know a hoarder, you probably associate the holiday season with stress. You can’t exactly visit that person’s home when it’s covered in piles and piles of possessions and random garbage, and you don’t know how to give a gift that won’t be added to the pile and lost in a matter of a few weeks. If you or your hoarder loved one live in Lansdale, PA, and you need to put professional hoarding cleanup on the table, the tips below should help you survive the holidays.

Look for a Perishable or Non-Physical Gift

Get your loved one something that they can’t add to the pile. Scan photos, old family recipes, or anything sentimental onto a computer so they can enjoy them without adding to the clutter. It won’t cost you anything and will mean a lot to the person you do this for—provided they don’t try to pressure you into bringing the items you scanned into their home.

Never Encourage or Go Out Shopping

A lot of people love to go out shopping at this time of year. No matter how innocent this act may be, it’s not a good idea to encourage or participate in shopping with a hoarder. They may entice you with gifts, but they will probably decide to keep the items for themselves later, adding to the problem. A professional hoarding cleanup is always an option, but try to avoid the need for it.

Be Gentle When You Bring Up Professional Biohazard Cleanup Options

Be patient. Don’t push too hard when discussing it with your loved one. Ask friends or family members to stick by you for support.

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