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Helping Your Loved One in a Positive Way During Hoarding Cleanup in Newtown Square, PA

For some people, throwing away no longer useful or greatly damaged objects is something they do all the time. For others, throwing away anything at all can be difficult, if not close to impossible. For those individuals, it may be necessary to perform a hoarding cleanup in their home. If you have a loved one in Newtown Square, PA, who needs to have this done, it’s important to help them through the process in a positive way. No matter how annoyed or angry you are, you can’t push or make them upset—this will just set everything back considerably and probably make things worse. So how do you handle things correctly?

Don’t Talk to The Hoarder Like You Would a Child

Maybe you feel upset. That’s understandable, especially if you live or had to live with your loved one in their controlled environment. Maybe you’re fed up and just want them to knock it off. You feel they’re being childish, so you talk to them like a child while the biohazard cleanup is taking place. This is a bad move. Talk to them like an adult. Treat them like an adult. This makes things easier for everyone.

Don’t Dive Right in Without Checking With Them

Before you dive into the hoarding cleanup, think about how your loved one feels. They probably feel like they have no control—give them some. Before you throw anything away, allow them to inspect an item. Don’t call their things “junk” or “useless stuff.” Again, think about how they feel. Consider creating a spot where your loved one can sit and look things over comfortably.

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