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How to Keep Your Pup from Peeing on Your Carpet So You Can Avoid Extensive Carpet Cleaning in Norristown, PA

Pets aren’t just animals – to many, they’re part of the family. They do, however, come with a unique set of problems, especially in the case of dogs. If you have a dog in your home, you’ve probably dealt with the problem where they’ve accidently, or maybe intentionally, urinated on the floor. Many dogs, no matter how sweet or otherwise well-behaved they are, may decide to mark their territory, or relieve themselves because they couldn’t get outside soon enough. Often, these chosen spots are on carpeting. How do you get rid of the urine stains? How do you discourage your pet from making a mess in your Norristown, PA home? To prevent the need for extensive carpet cleaning, check out these tips.

 White Vinegar

It might sound strange, but white vinegar is one way to clean stains and keep your pet from returning to the same spot. White vinegar has a strong smell that your dog will want to avoid. You can also spray white vinegar on the stain and pat it down with a cloth or paper towel. Sometimes this doesn’t work, especially if your dog pees on an oriental rug. When that happens, you need to look into professional oriental rug cleaning.

 Store-Bought Cleaners

If white vinegar doesn’t do the job, head to the grocery store or your favorite pet store. These places have a vast array of cleaning supplies available, and pet stores usually stock cleaning solutions made specifically to address pet stains.

If you can’t get the stains out, professional carpet cleaning is the answer. This will give you peace of mind and help get your carpeting back to the way it was before.

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