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How to Protect Your Plumbing during Thanksgiving and Avoid the Need for Professional Sewage Cleanup in Exton, PA

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? This idea of inviting relatives and friends into your home to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade, play games, eat good food, and catch up on gossip is an exciting one, but it can also be stressful (especially if you rarely or have never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner before). Planning a Thanksgiving holiday isn’t just about cooking a turkey or whipping up some cranberry sauce. If you want your home to stay in good shape while you have a number of people in your house for an extended period of time, you have to plan ahead. And if you want to avoid the need for sewage cleanup, you have to think about your plumbing before it goes on the blink.

Be Careful with the Toilet and Garbage Disposal

When you’re in the middle of making dinner, you’re going to use your kitchen garbage disposal a lot. This could cause problems, especially if you try to put certain items in the garbage disposal. Don’t treat your disposal like a trash can (the same recommendation goes for your toilets). Items you should never put in your garbage disposal include potato peels, egg shells, bones, oils and grease, and corn husks. Also, you should never try to flush foreign items like feminine napkins, food wrappers, toys, paper towels, and wrapping paper down the toilet, even if you’re in a hurry. Let your guests know this information, especially if you suspect any child guests may try to do this.

Have a Professional Plumber and Sewage Cleanup Company in Mind Ahead of Time

While it’s important to check your plumbing (try flushing the toilets to make sure they work properly, for example), it doesn’t hurt to have a company or two in mind in case your home’s plumbing goes south. Just as you should have the number of a carpet cleaning company before your carpet gets dirty, so should you know the name of a good plumber and sewage backup company.

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