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Professional Water Damage Restoration in West Chester, PA

Mold. It’s not a pretty word, and simply uttering it can lead to discomfort for someone of almost any age. When you think about it, you picture nasty black dots that can pop up almost anywhere, from bathroom walls to record sleeves. Some people don’t think mold is a big deal, at least when it comes to finding mold in their home. But if you leave mold alone and allow it to spread from one place to another, it could lead to a need for serious and extensive mold removal and water damage restoration. The mold may even put a strain on your health! Is it possible to prevent mold from developing in the first place? Yes! And we can tell you what to do to stay on top of things.

Repair and Clean Gutters

It’s an annoying chore, but one that must be done if you want to avoid water damage and by extension a mold problem. Various debris can get caught in your gutters, from leaves to sticks to lost frisbees. Obstacles make it difficult for proper water flow, and the water could redirect to your roof. It’s also important to check for damage before you need more extensive repairs.

Deal with Moisture Issues Immediately

If you spill water on your hardwood flooring, wipe it up as quickly as you can. If you take a shower, be sure to allow air into the room after you finish so the walls don’t get too wet. Don’t leave wet laundry anywhere. Bad habits can be hard to break, but do what you can to quell habits that lead to the need for water damage restoration.

Work on Air Flow

Use dehumidifiers, and leave doors and windows open when you can.

If you experience a flood or other event that leads to water damage, call a professional water damage company ASAP. They will tackle the problem before mold can grow.

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