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Keeping Your Carpet Clean during a Saint Patrick’s Day Party and Avoiding the Need for Carpet Cleaning Help in West Chester, PA

Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t just a day for drinking at an Irish bar— for many people in West Chester, PA, this holiday is also a chance to have a party in their home and spend time with friends. If you have carpeting in your home, however, no matter how much fun you know you might have at the party, you probably worry about keeping your carpet clean. How do you protect your carpeting from careless guests and accidental spills so you can keep your sanity? Should you bother having a party at all for the sake of keeping your carpet clean? How do you prevent the need for professional carpet cleaning help? If you’re feeling confused, don’t fret. At ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration, we care about your flooring and want to help. If you have any questions, talk to one of our experts by calling (610) 524-8003.


Funnel Guests into a Particular Room

Do you have a room in your house with hardwood flooring? If you do, try to have the party in this room (of course, provided it’s not a bathroom or bedroom)! Encourage guests to stay in this room, especially when they’re eating or drinking (or both). Funneling guests into a particular room might take a bit of effort to pull off, especially if many guests are children, but you can avoid the need for carpet cleaning, including Oriental rug cleaning, if you make the effort.


Avoid Food and Drinks that Leave Nasty Stains

Since foods like spaghetti or chocolate cake can leave nasty stains, you probably don’t want to serve them at your party. Wine or juice might be out of the question, too. Instead, stick to foods that likely won’t leave deep, dark stains. You could serve beer or sandwiches, for example. If somebody does drop something on your carpeting, act fast. Don’t wait until the stain settles and you have to put your best carpet cleaning skills to the test.

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