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What to Do When You Need Trauma Cleanup Help in Lansdale, PA

You’ve had a good cry to work out your feelings. You’ve found comfort in friends and family members. You’ve had a chance to calm down and work through the situation. Now what? After experiencing a traumatic event in the home, most don’t want to deal with anything, least of all thinking about how to clean the area impacted by the traumatic event.


You’ve probably never thought of who you need to call for help. Thankfully, the trauma cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration understand the pain and difficulty of trauma aftermath. For quick and compassionate trauma cleanup in Lansdale, PA, call us at (610) 524-8003. We want to help you be prepared in the event of a tragedy. Keep reading to learn what to do after a traumatic event occurs in your home.


Don’t Enter the Affected Area

Traumatic events can bring with them a host of dangers. Oftentimes, biohazardous materials are left behind which can cause significant health problems. Beyond that it can be emotionally harmful to view a trauma scene. Never enter the affected area until after it has been professionally cleaned.


Call a Trauma Cleanup Company

A cleanup company is essential to making your home sanitary and safe again; not just for you, but for your entire family, pets included. Performing cleanup and dealing with the aftermath on your own could make the situation worse. You probably don’t have the required cleaning equipment, and if you use the wrong techniques or cleaning solutions, you could ruin carpeting and other items. If blood and other bodily fluids aren’t dealt with correctly, foul odors, hazardous mold, and harmful pathogens may be left behind. Trauma cleanup needs to be expertly handled in a thorough and efficient manner.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Once the cleaning team is in your home, that doesn’t mean you have to run off. You can stay and ask questions as long as you’re careful and don’t touch anything hazardous.


Contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration of Lansdale, PA for reliable trauma cleanup assistance. We can be reached here or call us at (610) 524-8003.