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How to Maintain Mold Control After Christmas

Once the leftover pie is gone and the Christmas decorations have lost their shine, many people are ready to completely relax and do nothing for a few weeks. They want to wind down after so much “togetherness” with friends and family and simply reflect on what’s to come.


As tempting as it might be to spend your time watching TV or playing video games, if you want your home to remain in good shape, you have to take certain precautions. After all, you don’t want your home to need repairs in the coming year, right? You don’t want to have to call a professional to help you with mold control, right?


Dry Wet Areas in Your Home as Soon as Possible

Did you know that mold can’t grow in a dry spot? If holiday visitors in your home liked to take long, hot showers and got your walls wet, it was important for you to wipe those walls down immediately. While you can’t do anything about that now, it’s important to take on this habit in the future if you want to avoid the need for water damage repair. Even something as small as spilling water on the carpet should be cleaned up quickly.


Inspect Your Home for Issues

No home can completely avoid any kind of mold (you can’t inspect every nook and cranny in your personal space), but you can fight back with smart mold control. Figure out where mold tends to grow and work out a plan to avoid it. For example, if you have carpeting in your bathroom, know that this can cause issues when it comes to mold. Remove the carpeting to be safe. You don’t have to be paranoid, but don’t overlook something and assume it will never be a problem. If you’re afraid you missed something, ask an outside person for help.


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