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How to Prevent Plumbing Issues in Your New Home and Avoid Water Damage Restoration in Exton, PA

Buying a new home in Exton, PA, can be an exciting and life-altering process. It’s a chance to try something different and make changes, especially if the buyer has never owned a home before. Though buying a home comes with many benefits, there are some things to keep in mind – the plumbing system, for instance. No matter how stressed or distracted you are, you need to make plumbing a priority as you unpack boxes and memorize the locations of local pizza places. How do you avoid the need for water damage restoration and ensure a smooth transition process for your family? The tips below should help.


Replace the Pipes

This might sound strange (and expensive), but it’s a good idea to replace your pipes if you can. Why? If your home has been around for decades, the plumbing could be just as old. Old pipes can contribute to clogging and leaks, and this is something to keep in mind. If quality is top priority, go with copper pipes. If you want to save some money, go with plastic. Each option has pros and cons – do your research before you commit to anything.


Find a Local Plumber

Make sure to contact a local plumber who can come help you when the chips are down. You don’t want to be left lost and confused in the middle of a crisis! You might call the first plumber you find and come to regret it. Take the time to research and check reviews. Know exactly what you’re getting into.


Clean Up the Sinks

Before you use the sinks in your new home, perform a cleaning on the drains. One method involves pouring baking soda and vinegar down the drain to get rid of hair and other gunky stuff. This can help avoid an overflowing sink and the need for water damage remediation.


If your home experiences water damage, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration of Exton, PA, for reliable water damage restoration assistance.