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How to Avoid a Clogged Toilet and Sewage Cleanup

A clogged toilet that overflows or leads to a sewage backup can happen to anybody at any time, especially when you least expect it. It can happen as you’re about to leave for work or in the middle of the night. It can lead to the need for professional sewage cleanup. In addition, the experience can add hours of anxiety and frustration, among other problems. Thankfully, in many cases, a clogged toilet is preventable. What can you do to make sure it doesn’t happen? What do you need to keep in mind? Keep reading to find out more. If you live in the Malvern, PA area and have questions about cleaning up sewer water or water damage restoration, feel free to contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration at any time.

Don’t Treat Your Toilet Like a Trash Can

Many people end up dealing with a clogged and overflowing toilet because they aren’t careful about what they flush. Even if what you flush goes down, it could get stuck somewhere else and cause a huge sewage backup! Toilets aren’t trash cans, and the only product designed to be flushed is toilet paper. You shouldn’t flush food or food wrappers, toys, facial tissues, paper towels, baby wipes, or feminine hygiene products. There’s also substantial evidence you shouldn’t even flush ‘flushable wipes’ down a toilet! Make sure your children know this. To be safe, you can make a list of things that shouldn’t be flushed and place it on your bathroom wall.

Address Matters Immediately

If you have to flush more times than you usually do or something doesn’t seem right, have the problem addressed right away. If you don’t, chances are you’ll have to deal with sewage cleanup in the near future. Even if you don’t think you have the time, make sure something is done. Talking to a professional right away can save you from major issues in the long run.

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