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Hoarding Cleanup Safety Tips for Hoarders and Their Families in Downingtown, PA

Hoarding is a very real problem that touches people of all ages and backgrounds. Hoarding can happen anywhere, including to anyone living in the Downington, PA, area. You could look directly at a person on the street and not be able to tell his or her home has taken clutter to an unhealthy level. Some people think they are hoarding if they leave a few old magazines on their coffee table, but this isn’t the definition of hoarding. Hoarding makes it difficult to move around the house, to the point where someone has to climb over a mountain of items to enter a room or find a place to sit or sleep. Hoarding encourages a rat or roach infestation, among other vermin and pests, putting the homeowner’s health (and the health of anyone else) at risk. It’s imperative that some kind of hoarding cleanup takes place, but how can you do so safely?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

A hoarding cleanup can be difficult. It can take days, if not weeks, to work from one end of a home to another, leading to stress and anxiety for everyone involved. One or two people can’t do it alone—you may need to enlist the help of a professional cleaning company. Experts can not only make the process easier, but also much safer. You can also use their experience if you find mold and decide you need professional mold removal.

Be as Organized as Possible

Sort as much as you can, and create piles for selling, donating, and throwing away.

Dress Appropriately for Safety

Because there may be hazardous and dangerous items setting around, you need to cover as much of your body as possible while you clean. Shorts and a tank top are a bad idea. Long pants and shirts as well as gloves are a must.

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