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Should You Attempt a Hoarding Cleanup on Your Own?

Hoarding is a very real problem, a problem that affects folks of all ages and creeds. For many people, the most exposure they get involving hoarders is through messy yards they spot filled with rusty cars, broken toys, or mounds of trash while driving through a neighborhood. They go about their day and don’t think about it. If you know somebody who is a hoarder, however, the problem can’t be ignored; it hits much closer to home. You might be fed up, ready to start the hoarding cleanup process so your loved one can truly live better and you can stop worrying about their safety. Should you try to clean up the home on your own, or is it better to hire a specialized cleaning company? How much work could it possibly be?


It Could Take Months

Cleaning up a hoarder’s collection of items is no easy task, no matter how stubborn or determined you are. You might think you could have the home cleaned up in a matter of days, but unless you have a large team at your side ready to help, this won’t be possible, especially if your loved one is upset about the process and wants to completely control what happens. Even if you manage to get the items out in a timely manner, you still have a lot of work ahead of you, including deep carpet cleaning, if the carpet can even be salvaged.


There are Many Health Hazards

A hoarder’s home isn’t just filled with 10-year-old newspapers and expired food. You will also have to deal with rodents, roaches, mold, dead animals, and possibly bodily fluids, among other things. Unless you have hazmat suits and a lot of special cleaning equipment, you won’t be able to handle it and could even make yourself sick. A professional hoarding cleanup company will know exactly how to handle the situation to help you clean up safely and efficiently.


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