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Spring Cleaning Fire Safety Tips and Why You Need Professional Soot Damage Removal in Chester Springs, PA

When the weather warms and the mittens and coats are tucked away, many people feel compelled to step outside and enjoy the sunshine. And, since you’re no longer confined to your home and can let the warm air in, you may be tempted to do what many call “spring cleaning.” It’s a chance to push out the dust bunnies, remove what you no longer need, and start fresh.


But, if you want to do things the right way and keep your family safe in the process, you need to think about fire safety and professional soot damage removal if you do experience a fire. Keep reading to find out more.


Make Sure Your Smoke Alarms Are Working

If a fire occurs in your home and your smoke alarms aren’t working, you’ll run into trouble. Every second is precious, so you have to make sure you’re alerted to a fire as soon as it starts. Go to every alarm in your home and check to make sure it works by pushing the test button. If an alarm doesn’t work, you need to change the batteries or possibly replace it. Don’t have any alarms or enough of them? Invest in them as soon as possible.


Check Your Kitchen

It’s very easy for things to go wrong in the kitchen, which may lead to the need for soot damage removal or fire damage restoration. Make sure no flammable items are next to the stove or oven such as towels, wooden utensils, or napkins. Don’t block doorways or windows in the kitchen, and always have a fully charged fire extinguisher readily available.


Look for Other Fire Hazards

What other hazards can you find in your home? There might be too many cords in the corner of your office, or perhaps you haven’t been cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer. No matter how small or trivial the problem may be, take it seriously and take precautions. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.


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