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Tips from Commercial Cleaners to Prevent Sickness in Your Office

When a virus starts to make its way around your community or even your office building, it can be scary. You might worry about how you can ease your employees’ fears and how you can keep your business running smoothly without putting anyone’s health at risk. If you can’t close down for the duration of the illness’s spread, or you just want to prevent an outbreak in the first place, there are actions you can take, including hiring commercial carpet cleaners, to keep your place of business clean and sanitary. While you may not be able to completely prevent illnesses, taking any kind of action is better than doing nothing.

Wipe Down “Touch” Surfaces

You touch more items and surfaces throughout the day than you realize, and not just doorknobs or keyboards. You may also touch fridge doors, toilet seats and handles, phones (both office and personal), faucets, light switches, counters, and more! Try to pay attention to what people touch the most in your office and wipe down these vulnerable surfaces once a day if you want to protect yourself and your employees. If you don’t think you’ll remember this daily chore, set up a personal reminder or assign an employee to wipe down these surfaces. Sure, cleaning these surfaces will take some extra time, but it’s time well spent!

Encourage People to Stay Home (Or Take Precautions If They Can’t)

Employees should be encouraged to wash their hands regularly. If they need to sneeze or cough, they should do so into their elbow. Hand shaking should be avoided with people who do not wash their hands. And these people should never touch their nose, eyes, or mouth. Help people stay sanitary and healthy by providing hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, and disposable wipes. And, of course, if employees don’t feel well, they shouldn’t come into work.

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

While commercial carpet cleaning will not directly prevent the spread of a virus, you should still consider hiring a company to clean your carpets because it’s always a good idea to ensure your office is as clean as possible. If you have Oriental rugs in your office, hiring professional Oriental rug cleaners is also a good idea.

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