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Spring is Here! Welcome Back Animals and Odors | Odor Removal in West Chester PA

ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides odor removal in West Chester, PA

It’s that magical time in spring where all of the cute critters come out of their homes to embrace the season! Rabbits, squirrels, and other furry friends come out of hibernation, and your household pets can go out and play in the sunshine. There’s absolutely no downside to this at all, right? Well, unfortunately, there is that one small matter of odors, and lots of them! We’re not talking about the sweet smelling scents of flowers. We’re referring to the foul odors that come along with the territory of the spring season. When these odors get into your home, you’ll want to make sure you call the experts in odor removal in West Chester, Pennsylvania- ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration!

Pet odors can be an issue year round, but spring definitely creates a larger demand for odor removal. Because most dogs need to relieve themselves outside, you are forced to let them out no matter what the weather is like. On a rainy day your dog may come back from a walk wet, muddy, and stinky! Some dogs feel the need to roll in mud, causing an even bigger mess. And no matter how hard you try to dry off or clean you dog, your furniture, carpets, and air ducts will capture the odors and help circulate them around the household. Some pets are extremely curious, especially around other animals. On a sunny spring day, your pet can stumble upon rotted plants or animal excrement. They may paw at it, or even roll in it, which will bring some of the foulest odors imaginable into your home.  The really unlucky ones will stumble upon a particularly odorous creature such as a skunk. We don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to get THAT smell out!

Once your pet comes back in from its journey, you become at risk for having an array of nauseating scents entering your home, annd you may not even realize the full extent of the damage until the dog has spread their pet odors around on your carpets, couches, and beds. While stains and dirt can seem quick to remove, the lasting odors are a whole other issue. If you are finding that you cannot remove these odors by bathing your dog and spot cleaning affected areas, call the odor removal professionals! ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides thorough odor removal to make sure that odor is completely eliminated. Not only will our team check the visibly affected areas, but we will also be sure to check air ducts, walls, and ceilings for any lingering odors. Even your pet will be impressed!

If you need odor removal in West Chester, PA or the surrounding areas, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration. We have the experience and certification to properly handle your home’s odors. Contact us if you need odor removal in Norristown, Lansdale, Exton, and Newtown Square, and say goodbye to spring’s foul odors!