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How to Prevent Flooded Basements in Exton PA

ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning Restoration provides water damage restoration for flooded basements in Exton, PA

Springtime means more sunshine and warmth, and it also means more rain. Rain is great for the outdoors, but not so great for indoors-specifically your basement. Flooded basements in Exton, PA are common this time of year so you’ll want to be prepared. When all of that snow melts and the rain comes, all of that water needs to head somewhere, which is why you’ll need to check on the exterior and interior areas that could affect on your basement flooding. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides water damage restoration if you experience flooded basements in Exton PA.  Here are a couple of quick tips to help you prevent a flooded basement in your home:

Gutters- This may seem like a “no brainer,” but make sure that your gutters are clear from debris. Cleaning them the previous fall season should be enough, but it’s good to check on them anyway. You want water draining at least three feet from the foundation. If necessary, you may need to purchase extenders to properly move the water away from your home.

Pointing- Pointing is the ‘finish’ that is between the bricks or stone used to build your house.  You will want to check the pointing on exterior brick exterior walls to see if there are gaps where moisture can seep through. To prevent seepage, make sure these gaps are properly sealed.

Interior Foundation Cracks-Check and double check that there are no interior cracks in your basement. If there are, they can be filled by using epoxy. You can purchase epoxy from any home improvement or hardware store.

Check Your Sump Pump-Make sure your sump pump is in working order every year. It is also important that the well is free from debris. Check that everything is plugged in and operating smoothly. If your sump pump is not working, remember, it’s cheaper to fix or replace your sump pump now than to repair water damage to your basement later.

Check Plumbing-During this season, make sure the sewer and septic are clean. Periods of heavy rain and flooding combined with a clogged sewer can spell trouble. If your drainage is not flowing smoothly, be sure to call a professional plumber. Again, this will cost you a lot less than dealing with major flood damage.

If you do suffer from a flooded basement in Exton, or any other type of water damage, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration immediately! We have the experience and certification to properly handle your property and contents to restore them back to their pre-loss condition. We also provide water damage restoration in Norristown, Lansdale, West Chester, and Newtown Square. Contact us today for more information or if you need help with a flooded basement.