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Water Damage in Norristown, PA- The Freeze-Thaw Cycle

Strange spring water damage in Norristown, PA taken care of by ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration

Spring is here, but lately it’s felt more like a second winter. Every day is a guess at whether you’ll see green grass or six inches of snow! What makes for a major headache is the combination of water damage that can be caused by the constant freeze-thaw cycle that occurs throughout the season. When the temperature goes below freezing, you are at risk of frozen pipes, ice dams, and more. Once the temperature rises, all of that snow and ice begins to melt, causing excess water and even flooding. Before you know it, a freezing night causes that water to freeze up again. The constant flux in temperature may provide some relief from the winter, but it can also create havoc for your home. If you are in need of Norristown, PA water damage restoration, the experts at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration are here to help!

Here are the three types of water damage in Norristown, PA, that you may experience from the freeze-thaw cycle:

1. Roof Damage
During the changing seasons, water may find its way into cracks in your roof. When this water freezes, the volume of the water increases. This increases the size of the crack in your roof. As the freeze-thaw cycle continues, the crack continues to widen. Slowly, these repeated cycles will deteriorate your roof and cause major water damage to your home. The best way to prevent this is to have your roof inspected annually. Inspections will help locate small problems before they become more costly issues later on.

2. Ice Dams
The freeze-thaw cycle is also partially responsible for ice dams. Following a snowstorm, warmer temperatures cause the snow on your roof to melt and work its way towards your gutters. However, some of the melted snow may refreeze at the edge of your roof before reaching the gutters. The frozen water will form ice dams and prevent any additional water from properly draining. With nowhere to go, additional water will cause further water damage by backing up under your shingles and into your attic.

3. Runoff
When the snow on your roof melts, it immediately heads downward. While this normally wouldn’t be a problem, there are circumstances where runoff can cause water damage. First of all, if your gutters are clogged with debris and ice, runoff has nowhere to go, and finds its way under your shingles like ice dams. This is why it is crucial to clean your gutters and downspouts regularly. Another potential situation for water damage is when melted snow and ice drain off the side of your roof instead of going through gutters. Water can pool and spread around your foundation before finally seeping into the basement. To prevent runoff from becoming a culprit of water damage, put in backfill (dirt or top soil) to create a negative slope away from the house, so melting ice and snow drain away from the foundation.

If the freeze-thaw cycle has made you a victim of water damage, contact the water damage restoration professionals of ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration. We’ll inspect your home and be sure to properly restore all affected areas including roofing, walls, and foundation. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration has been providing the best in water damage restoration in Norristown, PA and surrounding areas including West Chester, Exton, Lansdale, and Newtown Square.