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Steps Involved in Cleaning Bodily Fluids and the Disposal of Trauma Scene Liquid Waste as Part of Trauma Clean Up in Exton, PA

A traumatic event can be quite a stressful experience for you and your family. In such a situation, hiring a company to perform the task of trauma clean up in Exton, PA, will make sure that your family will not have to face any risk of biohazard contamination and infection due to the blood or bodily fluids released during the traumatic event.

Today we will look at the steps involved in cleaning bodily fluids spilled on smooth surfaces and on rugs and carpets.

We will also go through the correct procedure for the disposal of trauma scene liquid wastes.

Steps Involved in Cleaning Bodily Fluids

Cleaning Spills On Smooth Surfaces

  • Cover contaminated area using paper towels
  • Wear protective gloves and wipe up the spill using paper towels
  • Utilize a diluted bleach solution of four tablespoons of unscented bleach mixed with one quart of water—this solution should be left to disinfect the spill for about two minutes before wiping up the area using paper towels
  • Place the soiled paper towels and any other contaminated items into sealed plastic bags and dispose of them in the regular trash

Cleaning Spills On Rugs and Carpets

  • Cover the spill using paper towels
  • Wear protective gloves and wipe up the spill using paper towels
  • Clean the affected area of the rug or carpet using a detergent disinfectant before steam cleaning the entire carpet

The Correct Procedure for Trauma Scene Liquid Waste Disposal

In the case of a personal sewage disposal system (such as septic tank), it is not advisable to dispose of the liquid waste directly down the drain.

It’s worth mentioning that trauma scene liquid waste may consist of:

Blood and bodily fluids (like vomit)

Some quantity of semi solid tissues

Used disinfectants and contaminated water utilized for cleaning the location

The correct procedure for disposing of such liquid waste involves absorbing the liquid waste using a binder material, which could be a commercial spill absorbent or any kind of towel. The waste should then be containerized to be properly treated and disposed of.

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