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Tips on Proper Investigation of Hidden Mold as Part of the Process of Mold Removal in Malvern, PA

Mold is a common problem that starts when moisture in certain parts of a home is higher than normal. If you are facing a mold problem in your home, you should contact a professional for mold removal in Malvern, PA so the damage caused by mold can be minimized and hygienic conditions restored to your indoor environment.

Hidden Mold

There are many times when mold growth might not be easily detectable. Since it does not require any light for growing, mold can thrive on hidden surfaces as well as in dark areas in your home like:

  • Behind paneling
  • Backside of drywall
  • Underside of carpets and carpet padding
  • Beneath wallpaper
  • Damp sections behind crawlspaces and walls
  • Inside utility tunnels and pipe chases
  • Ventilation ducts (on their acoustic liners)

 Investigation of Hidden Mold

 Finding hidden mold can oftentimes be a difficult task. It is best to hire a professional to help in determining if you have a hidden mold problem in your home, where it is located, and what needs to be done to remove it.

Professional mold remediators often make use of specialized devices to detect problems:

  • Moisture Meters: These help in locating wet areas in the house where mold growth might be occurring. The good thing about them is that they can be used to measure moisture in different kinds of building materials.

Moisture meters have a thin probe which can pressed onto the surface being tested or directly inserted inside material such as wallboard, carpet, wood, etc.

  • Borescope: This is a type of optical probe which is inserted into the wall by drilling a small hole to facilitate inspection and does not cause extensive damage to the wall.

In addition to these devices, various sampling methods are utilized to locate mold problems in the house.

Professional help becomes even more important if moldy areas are disturbed. Disturbing mold can easily spread it throughout your entire home in a very short period of time.

For instance, if air handlers are opened and closed in the wrong manner, this action could release very high levels of mold as well as dust into the air.

Mold remediators take precautions to ensure these types of incidents do not happen in order to ensure investigation for mold is performed in the correct and safest manner.

Things Like Mold But Not Mold

There are several things which may look like mold but actually are not mold, including:

  • Paint on the backside of wood or drywall may look like mold.
  • Different types of carpet stains look very similar to mold growth.
  • Alkaline crystals present on concrete walls or soil might appear to be mold.

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