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An Overview of Labeling and Temporary Storage of Waste as Part of Procedure for Trauma Cleanup in Lansdale, PA

Dealing with a traumatic event can have serious psychological effects on everyone involved. Along with the distress and emotions of the incident, cleanup of the scene will need to be conducted as soon as possible. For the task of trauma cleanup in Lansdale, PA, you need to hire an experienced firm so each and every detail of the cleanup procedure can be performed in a professional manner.

In this context we will look at the correct procedures for labeling and temporary storage of waste and biohazardous materials trauma cleanup professionals are required to follow.

Labeling of Containers and Bags

All of the containers and bags containing infectious or pathological waste, bodily fluids, blood, or sharps waste needs to be labeled according to the standards established by OSHA.

Labels for the bags containing biohazardous materials require the word biohazard along with the biohazard symbol. Additionally, such labels need to be in good condition and properly legible.

The label’s background needs to be of fluorescent orange-red or orange color. In addition, the word biohazard as well as the biohazard symbol should have contrasting color.

It is worth mentioning here that OSHA allows the utilization of red containers and bags in place of a biohazard label.

Trauma Scene Waste – Temporary Storage

It is necessary to maintain as well as store trauma scene waste in such a way that it remains safe, secure, and undisturbed. If it is not possible to immediately transfer the trauma scene waste to a treatment or storage facility, a location should be selected for providing short term storage. Such a storage area should be:

  • An enclosed and well secured structure which is inaccessible to animals or unauthorized people
  • Constructed of nonporous and easily cleanable materials that are impervious to water and other liquids as well as resistant to corrosion
  • Built on a floor that provides proper drainage and prevents standing water from accumulating inside the structure
  • Free of floor coverings and/or carpeting

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