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Different Types of Stains and Spots Emphasizing the Need for Regular Carpet Cleaning in West Chester, PA

Carpets certainly increase the aesthetic appeal of your house, but if they’re not maintained properly, they can easily become dirty and harbor germs. As such, it’s important to hire a firm to provide carpet cleaning in West Chester, PA so that your carpets remain sparkling clean and germ free.

Today we’ll look into the main reasons why you should hire carpet cleaners right after any holiday event. We will also go through some of the steps that carpet cleaners take to remove different types of stains and spots from carpets.

Why is it necessary to clean carpets right after any holiday event?

There are several reasons why you should hire a carpet cleaning firm to clean your carpets immediately after a holiday event or party:

  • During events, food and drink spills are quite common. If the spot is allowed to stay for a long duration, more often than not it will transform into a stain.

It’s easier to remove spots than stains; stains cause discoloration of your carpet’s fibers, which is much more difficult to remove.

  • If your carpets get soiled, it’s quite likely that the contaminant (oil, grease, or anything moist) will be carried over to other parts of the house.

Removing Brown Spots and Wicking

According to CMM Online, there are a few things carpet cleaners need to do if these problems occur.

  • If there are plasticbacked carpets, any wicking or browning seen on the carpet’s surface will usually be three to four times more severe on the back of the carpet.

As the surface is cleaned, the browning will wick onto the surface of the carpet. Carpet cleaning professionals will then spray an encapsulation product over the area where the browning occurs and clean the surface using a towel or a cleaning pad.

Removing Tar from Carpets

The method for removing tar varies depending on the type of carpet:

  • Synthetic Carpets: If it’s a synthetic carpet, you need to understand that tar has a strong chemical attraction to it. The solution lies in using a solvent to remove the tar residue from your carpet.
  • Wool or Nylon Carpets: For wool or nylon carpets, it’s possible to clean tar stains by utilizing different chemical processes that specifically focus on the removal of oily substances.

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