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Sewage Cleanup in Norristown, PA and Different Preventive and Proactive Measures for Protecting Homes from Sewage Backups

Heavy rainstorms, breakdown of septic tanks or sewer pipes, blockages, or equipment failure can result in sewage backup into your house. Apart from causing unpleasant odors, sewage can damage your property as well as result in unhygienic living conditions. If your home suffers a sewage backup, you need to utilize professional help for sewage cleanup in Norristown, PA so further property damage and the likelihood of illnesses can be prevented.

Our aim here will be to look into some of the preventive as well as proactive measures you can take to protect your home from sewage backups.

Preventive Measures

Some of the preventive measures you can take include:

  • Water Proofing: Waterproof the foundation of the building as well as seal all the cracks present in the foundation walls or floors.
  • Raising or Removing Appliances & Installations: Remove or raise the washing machine, toilet, or sink present in the basement which may be affected by overflows during a sewage backup.
  • Food Grease: Avoid pouring food grease into toilets or sink drains as it will harden and accumulate overtime and result in the blockage of sewer pipes.
  • Prevent Incorrect Disposal: Do not flush wipes or garbage of any type down the toilet. This can lead to a blockage and eventually cause sewage backups.

Proactive Measures

Apart from the abovementioned preventive measures, you can also take the following proactive measures to protect your home from sewage backups:

  • Avoid Incorrect Linking: Make sure that downspouts, gutters, as well as sump pumps are not linked with the sanitary sewer lines of your home as they can very easily overload the sewer pipes.
  • Prevent Blockage Due to Roots: You should remove bushes or large trees growing near or over sewer lines before their roots block the lines.
  • Install a Sump Pump: Invest in the installation of a sump pump to remove water that collects at the lowest point of the building or basement.
  • Direct Water Towards Low Points: Make sure drains and gutter downspouts have been directed away from the building’s foundation. They should ideally be directed towards existing low points which are away from your house.
  • Install a Backwater Valve: Install a backwater valve which is one type of mechanical device that can be attached to your home’s sewer discharge pipe to prevent the backward flow of sewage into your home.

    If your home suffers a sewage backup and you need immediate help to remove the mess and clean the affected area, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration. Our staff of trained and certified technicians will swiftly, efficiently, and thoroughly tackle the task of sewage cleanup in Norristown, PA before the situation deteriorates. All you have to do is give us a call at 610.354.9909. Our cleanup and restoration team will quickly respond, analyze the severity of the problem, and immediately begin the cleanup task.