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How People React to Traumatic Events and Why Professional Trauma Cleanup in Downingtown, PA, Should Play a Role in Recovery

trauma cleanup

Throughout our lives, we all experience many kinds of trauma. From losing a loved one to chronic illness, anyone can face a multitude of scary prospects. Handling these situations often comes with a variety of trauma responses, some of which are helpful and some of which are destructive. If you have just experienced a traumatic event that requires some cleaning of the scene where it occurred, you should seek the help of a professional service. The police, crime scene investigators, and other authorities do not provide support for trauma cleanup after their jobs are done in response to a traumatic event. When circumstances occur that result in biohazards and other dangerous substances being present at a scene, the owner of that property is responsible for the cleanup and removal of those materials. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides comprehensive services for trauma cleanup in Downingtown, PA, and the local region to help anyone going through the aftermath of a violent or traumatic event.

Trauma Cleanup

Our trauma cleanup technicians handle a range of sites where traumatic events occurred, such as suicides, homicides, unattended deaths, car accidents, industrial accidents, and more. We also provide crime scene cleanup and meth lab removal to protect property owners from hazardous materials beyond body fluids.

Dealing With Biohazards

Our cleanup services are so important for anyone who has just experienced a traumatic event for two reasons. First, we are trained and equipped to deal with biohazards and other toxic substances that are present at these scenes. We have the protective gear and knowledge to safely remove materials and dispose of them correctly. Second, our services take on a major responsibility that would otherwise cause more trauma and pain for the family members and other loved ones involved.

Trauma Cleanup Response

People exhibit countless reactions to traumatic events, depending on the person, the situation, and myriad other conditions. Common reactions to trauma include emotional responses like feeling numb, anxious, or depressed; becoming easily agitated; looking to blame yourself; and becoming dissociated. In addition, physical reactions are often seen, such as insomnia, sweating, rapid heartbeat, breathlessness, exhaustion, lack of appetite, and reliance on substances to self-medicate.

While time and treatment often help heal trauma, recovery typically does not occur immediately after a terrible event. The one thing we can do to support those in grief and shock is to compassionately and quickly handle a space that is affected physically by a traumatic event.

Restoration of Property

Our biohazard cleanup and restoration of your property can help you take time to gather your family and start to heal without having to perform the difficult task of cleanup yourself. By offering a complete trauma cleanup with sensitive treatment of the situation to our clients already facing a huge trauma, we can provide  relief to you and your family.


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