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Why Hurricane Ida Still Needs Water Damage Restoration in Downingtown, PA

water damage restoration

It’s been just over a year since the devastating effects of Hurricane Ida and the several subsequent tornadoes that tore through Pennsylvania and the east coast. The Category 4 Atlantic hurricane had sustained wind speeds of around 150 mph. In the Northeast U.S., the hurricane triggered a tornado outbreak that impacted large parts of Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. The storms killed five people, and floods damaged over 3,000 homes in Pennsylvania. The National Hurricane Center reported damage from wind, rain, and flooding of about $3 billion. Along with federal, state, and local government relief and aid programs, commercial disaster restoration companies were called upon to help reverse the severe damage left by Hurricane Ida. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration is proud to have taken part in emergency water damage restoration in Downingtown, PA and other communities outside of Philadelphia. In fact, even a year later, our services are still needed for long-term flood damage recovery from Hurricane Ida.

Storms Cause Damage

The initial hurricane and the five tornadoes it triggered impacted every community in and around Philadelphia. This includes towns throughout Chester, Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. Restoration and reconstruction were needed for minor to severe damage to many kinds of residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal buildings.

A year later, after flood waters have been drained, homes sanitized and dehumidified, and damage repaired, there are still long-term effects of Hurricane Ida. If you are dealing with long-term flood damage, we can help.

Water Damage Restoration

ServiceMaster technicians are fully equipped and trained to provide comprehensive water damage restoration for buildings in all kinds of conditions. The largest problem that can occur with long-term flood damage is mold and bacterial growth. While our services will prevent the issue of mold growth in the future with effective initial restoration treatments, other restorers might not be as thorough with short-term damage mitigation.

Mold Problems

If you have mold or other lingering effects of Hurricane Ida or any other cause of water damage, our team of expert technicians will completely reverse those issues and return your home to pre-loss conditions. Our team first performs an in-depth inspection of your building to determine the extent of damage and establish a project schedule. We then work with your insurance provider for financial details and repair specifications.

Once we have assessed the damage and set up a timeline, we begin the restoration process, including packing out belongings to a secure off-site location, boarding up your home for safety during the repair process, removing excess water, dehydrating and sanitizing indoor spaces, mitigating and removing mold, reconstructing damage, and more.

To learn more about our services for water damage restoration in Downingtown, PA, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration today at (610) 524-8003 to reach our main office in Exton, PA.