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Standard Homeowners’ Insurance and Water Damage Restoration in West Chester, PA

In most areas of the United States, homeowners only need to hold standard homeowners’ insurance plans to ensure protection against damages such as theft, fires, and storms. A standard homeowners’ insurance policy covers a wide range of typical damages that are expected in regions without frequent wildfires, floods, or severe storms. This typical coverage also includes water damage from several sources not related to flooding, intentional acts, or negligence as well as a few other causes. Fortunately for most homeowners, this standard policy means the majority of water damage causes are covered. If you’re experiencing water damage, it’s likely in your best interest to seek the help of an expert restoration provider to eliminate the risks of long-term issues. At ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration, we work with you and your insurance provider to provide comprehensive water damage restoration in West Chester, PA, and the surrounding communities so you can return your home to pre-loss conditions.

Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water damage accounts for around 30% of all homeowners’ insurance claims, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The average claim paid for a water damage incident is around $11,098, making it the third most expensive homeowners’ insurance coverage.

Water Damage Restoration

Because of the cost of water damage restoration, it’s important to know what exactly is covered by a standard homeowners’ insurance plan. The majority of standard homeowners’ insurance plans will cover the following “sudden and accidental” damage:

  1. Water damage from storms, including ice, hail, heavy rains, and snow.
  2. Accidental leaks from plumbing, appliances, and other sources of water in your home.
  3. Cracked or burst pipes that have been exposed to freezing temperatures, as long as you heated your home.
  4. Water damage from a leak in your roof from unexpected causes, such as a tree fall, are covered. However, water damage from long-term roof leaks that have not been fixed are not covered.
  5. Water damage from ice dams that build up in your gutter are covered as long as they aren’t the result of neglected home maintenance.
  6. Water damage from a fire that was put out, whether with your own efforts, a sprinkler system, or a firefighter crew, are covered.

Causes not Covered by Insurance

There are several causes of water damage that aren’t covered by a standard homeowners’ insurance plan, such as flood damage; lack of maintenance damage; or long-term, unaddressed damage. If you are facing water damage of any kind, we can help. Our team provides all the water removal, interior dehydration, surface sanitation, and repairs needed to reverse water damage of all kinds.


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