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Why Sanitizing Is an Important Step for Fire Damage Restoration in Chester Springs, PA

fire damage restoration

Fires are one of the most dangerous disasters that can affect your home. Not only are they life-threatening to the people and pets inside a home, they are also extremely damaging to any kind of building. Fires can make quick work of wood, paper, drywall, plaster, and other common building materials, and they can also destroy metal, ceramic, glass, and many other more durable substances. Even when small fires occur, soot and smoke damage have lasting negative effects if not properly cleaned. If you are facing the aftermath of a fire, you should seek professional help in the recovery process. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration provides comprehensive fire damage restoration in Chester Springs, PA, and the surrounding area for homes and businesses affected by any type of fire.

Fire Damage Restoration

When our team of expert restoration technicians starts a cleanup project, it works through several steps. First, team members assess the damages and the scope of the fire, and start any emergency pre-cleaning tasks. Then they pack out your belongings to a secure off-site location for cleanup and restoration. Next, they board up your building to protect it from the weather and any intruders during its repair. Your building is then fully restored, cleaned of soot and smoke residuals, and deodorized. Finally, our team ensures all surfaces are sanitized and salvaged items are returned to the building.

Sanitization is an important step of the fire damage restoration process. The following are a few reasons why this is such a critical component of a full cleanup service.

Water damage

When firefighters extinguish a building fire, they use a lot of water. Water pouring from high pressure hoses can severely damage your building, and it can also saturate any porous materials from upholstery to drywall and leads to the corrosion of metals such as aluminum, a material commonly used in appliances.

Also, water left in building materials and hidden crevices like crawl spaces will lead to mold and bacteria growth if not dealt with quickly. Should black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) and other strains be left behind to grow, they can significantly decrease indoor air quality and potentially compromise the health of anyone exposed to it. Our sanitization of surfaces in the restoration process guarantees the removal of mold and bacterial growth from your home.

Soot damage

When fires burn, the residual airborne soot and smoke comes to rest on surrounding surfaces. If you have any soot or smoke particulates left in your building after a fire, they can cause big problems. Not only do these particulates create foul odors, they are also highly acidic substances that will corrode building materials. Our sanitation process targets and removes any remaining traces of soot from all your interior surfaces.

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