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Trauma Cleanup in King of Prussia, PA for Hit-and-Run Deaths and Other Car Accidents

trauma cleanup

Traffic accidents happen every day throughout the region of Philadelphia and Chester counties. Fortunately, the majority of these accidents are nonfatal and often are minor incidents. In 2021, only 121 of the 8,120 reported traffic accidents in the Philadelphia metro area involved fatalities. Though the numbers are lower than elsewhere, fatal accidents still happen and frequently require significant cleanup, including the removal of biohazards and human remains. Towing companies work with police to remove cars and any parts, but the biohazard materials need a different set of skills and equipment for proper cleanup and disposal. At ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration, we work with authorities and property owners to provide comprehensive cleanup of traffic accidents. Specifically, we offer complete trauma cleanup in King of Prussia, PA, and the surrounding regions to handle fatal car accidents that involve body fluids and other hazardous materials.

Trauma Cleanup

Our team of expert trauma cleanup technicians has the training, cleaning equipment, and protective gear needed to handle a broad range of crime scenes, accidents, unattended deaths, illegal drug labs, and many other locations that have been exposed to biohazards and other dangerous materials. When it comes to fatal traffic accidents, there are several substances that require professional hazmat treatment.


  1. Body fluids: Blood, fecal matter, urine, and human tissues can all be present at a fatal traffic accident. These biological materials can carry disease, attract insects and other vermin, and pose a risk to the safe flow of traffic.
  2. Gasoline: If a gas tank is compromised in an accident, any leaked fuel must be removed quickly. Fires and explosions could occur or gas could run off into the surrounding environment.
  3. Other automotive fluids: Transmission fluid, oil, power steering fluid, and even windshield washing fluid all contain strong chemicals that could damage the environment, create flammable conditions, and poison local pets and other animals. Especially for accidents that occur in residential areas, these materials need to be properly contained and disposed of.

In the greater Philadelphia area, fatal hit-and-run accident rates sharply increased in 2022 compared to previous years.

Fatal hit-and-run accidents in Philadelphia over the years:

2022 – 32 incidents

2021 – 21 incidents

2020 – 13 incidents

2019 – 10 incidents

Trauma Cleanup After an Accident

The dramatic increase in fatal hit-and-run accidents from 2019 to the present is yet unexplained, but the impacts of these tragedies are still felt across neighborhoods. Accidents, like this violent West Philly hit-and-run that killed 78-year-old grandmother Julie Mae Abraham, are leaving communities with many questions and much grief. When these accidents occur, our team is ready for quick, emergency cleanup of the scene, offering compassion and sensitivity to the families involved.

If you are dealing with a fatal traffic accident or any other type of incident involving biohazards, chemicals, and additional dangerous substances, we can help. To learn more about trauma cleanup in King of Prussia, PA, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration at (610) 524-8003 to reach our main office.