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Why You Need Sewage Cleanup in Exton, PA, after Spring and Early Summer Flooding

sewage cleanup

Across Chester County and the greater Philadelphia region, floodplains mark the end of major watersheds that have a greater risk of flooding into cities during months of heavy rain and snow melt. The spring and early summer in this area mark increased risk of septic system overflow, basement flooding, and flash floods. Like many other cities on the East Coast, snow melt combines with April-through-May rains to raise river levels, oversaturate groundwater, and trigger floods. Multiple factors could cause a flood to impact your personal septic system or municipal sewage structure. Even if there is no evidence of waste and sewage in flood waters, nearly every sewage spill incident requires professional cleanup and sanitation. If you are facing a flood in your home or business this spring or summer, ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration offers comprehensive, expert sewage cleanup in Exton, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Sewage Cleanup

According to data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), flooding is the most common hazard in the United States. Thanks to its location on major floodplains, rivers, lakes, and watershed areas, Pennsylvania has the highest rates of flooding of all 50 states.

Sewage Cleanup

When flooding leads to a sanitary sewer overflow, the contamination levels are far-reaching, and any exposure to flood waters means an exposure to hazardous waste that carries bacteria and viruses such as E. coli and hepatitis A.

Building Sewage Cleanup

If your building is affected by flood water in any capacity, you’ll likely need a rigorous combination of water damage restoration, mold mitigation, and sewage cleanup to recover. Any time a septic system is impacted by a flood, it could mean several negative outcomes:

  1. Your drinking water may be contaminated.
  2. Your home septic tank may be damaged and continue to expose your building even after flood waters are cleaned up.
  3. Electrical systems in your home may be compromised.
  4. Septic chambers may be clogged with silt and debris.
  5. Vegetation and dirt around your septic system may be eroded and lead to broken pipes or a cracked chamber.
  6. Hazardous gases may be leaking out of your septic tank.
  7. The balance of protozoa and bacteria in your septic system that break down waste may be compromised.
  8. Mold may infest your building after waste and water are improperly removed.

Not only are the preceding situations possible severe outcomes of a sewage exposure from flooding in your plumbing and septic system, other major issues with odors and air quality can occur. Without proper sewage removal, sanitation, water removal, dehydration, and mold mitigation, flooding and wastewater can be even more damaging than a building fire.

As we continue further into spring and early summer, flooding may increase across the Pennsylvania region. If your building is impacted by floods, we can help. For more information about professional sewage cleanup in Exton, PA, contact ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning and Restoration at (610) 524-8003 to reac